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   Earthly Photos "A 10 year Bicycling Journey captured on film!"

Travel Photography by Millard Farmer

  • Late Afternoon at Torres del Paine National Park
  • Bamboo Bridge Across Mekong River in Thailand
  • Huli Wigman in Papua New Guinea
  • Red Dahlia in Honduras
  • Sunrise Warming Up the Great Wall of China
  • Watson Mill Covered Bridge built in 1885
  • 15 foot Costa Rican Crocodile - up close!
  • Two Historical Churches in Ouro Preta, Brazil
  • Houseboat Family, Southern Thailand
  • Snow-capped Volcano at the Chilean-Bolivian Border
  • Bank in Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Encyclopedia of the Blues - the late, great, Ruth Brown!

Dealing with the 'Headhunters
of Papua New Guinea!

Headhunting worrior of Papua New Guinea

Biking "up & over" rugged mountain passes!

Photo of Tierra del Fuego in South America

Surviving in the 'driest' desert here on Earth!

Atacama desert, Chile and Argentina

A decade searching  for those "out of the way" places

A 10 Year Bicycling Expedition!

Pagoda bridge in southern China west of Guilin

   An extraordinary ten year journey, bicycling solo through thirty different countries, spanning four separate continents, seeking and fulfilling the life-long dream of exploring the great unknown. All the images published here in "EarthlyPhotos.com" are a photographic testimony of this decade-long, biking expedition.

   From the Buddhist world of China, Korea, and Southeast Asia, to island hopping around the South Pacific and Caribbean.  Pedaling & pushing myself up majestic, but rugged mountains, stranded on isolated beaches waiting for the tides to change, cutting through dense tropical rainforests praying for a patch of sun, circling icy glaciers and snow-capped volcanoes, struggling to survive the drought ridden desert lying just east of the Andes; all the while, experiencing new cultures, languages, foods and a world full of curious and uniquely different people.

       Welcome to an unforgettable world of travel images!

Trekking China's Great Wall . . from end to end!

sunrise over Great Wall of China, near Beijing

Recovering from the journey at World-class beaches

rio de Janiero,brazil,sugarloaf,Ipanema,beach

Crossing bridges halfway from nowhere

Bambbo bridge crossing Mekong river in Thailand near Loas

Looking back 25 years later,
. . . "I had to been crazy!

Orchids Beyond Inspiration

A Phalaenopsis Orchid photographed in Guatemala, Central America

A World of Church Portraits

Portuguese church from 16th century in Brazil

Our Animal Kingdom

snow leopard, wildlife in China

Seen on Our Highways

1957 Chevrolet parked in front of hotel in Chile

Birds of a feather, flock . . .

sunning bird, San Jose,Costa Rica, Central America

Trains & Planes

steam train near Mongolia, China

A Huge Bouquet of Flowers

Red Dahila blooming, Copan,Honduras, near Belize

Impressionable Architecture

Sydney Opera House, Australia, near Melborne

Portrait of parrot in tropical Costa Rica Snow-capped volcano in Chile, South America Sydney Harbour bridge in Australia Small plane landing on top of a glacier in New Zealand South American puma in the mountains of Chile Sailboat at the end of a rainbow in New Zealand Huge statue of Buddha in Thailand in Southeast Asia Great Wall of China winding through the northern mountains  16th century South American stone church in Ouro Preta, Brazil Beaches in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and Costa Rica Portrait of a Headhunter from Papua New Guinea Mountains in Asia, the Americas and on south Pacific islands Antique door knocker photograph from Guatemala Public laundry building in Antigua, Guatemala Brilliant sunrise from Yangshou in southern China

Bicycling Photography's 'Free' eBooks

China's Great Wall (from end to end)

An  eleven month adventure along the Great Wall, starting where it 'Pops' out of the Yellow Sea, then crossing China until the Wall disappears, buried by the dunes of the Gobi Desert . . . Read more

Chasing Headhunters

Roads all gone, only unmarked trails remained, all leading to a web of isolated tribes of fierce Headhunters.  No maps, GPS yet invented, no food, nor water, the first cyclist ever was about to be dropped into one of the world's 'Last 'Unknowns' . . . Read more

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   Buddhist statue at Buddha cave in China   Boat in Usuahia, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego   Corner building archetecture in Syndney, Australia   Trekking at Iguazu Falls in Brazil< Paraguay, and Argentina   vendor selling imported merchandise at National Theater in San Jose, Costa Rca   Atique fire truck in San Jose, Costa Rica   Guatemala child in Chichicastenamgo,near panachjel   Mayan pyramid at Tikal in Guatemala, Central America          Buddhas           Boats              Architecture        Waterfalls         Enterprise          Fire Trucks           People            Archeology