• The Great Wall - End to End
    The Great Wall - End to End
  • Pyramid in Tikal in Guatemala
    Pyramid in Tikal in Guatemala
  • Embracing Volcano Pucon
    Embracing Volcano Pucon
  • 57' Chevy in South America
    57' Chevy in South America
  • 1905 Porter Locomotive in Cuba
    1905 Porter Locomotive in Cuba
  • Rather Crowded Philippine Bus
    Rather Crowded Philippine Bus
  • Duck Transport in China
    Duck Transport in China
  • Black Lagoon of Costa Rica
    Black Lagoon of Costa Rica
  • Chrysathemum sunbathing
    Chrysathemum sunbathing
  • Coverd Bridge in Pennsylvania
    Coverd Bridge in Pennsylvania
  • Encyclopedia of the Blues
    Encyclopedia of the Blues
  • Signs of the Times
    Signs of the Times
  • Moonlight in the Patagonia
    Moonlight in the Patagonia
  • Costa Rican Balconies
    Costa Rican Balconies
  • Bridges to Everywhere
    Bridges to Everywhere
  • Snow Leopard in China
    Snow Leopard in China
  • South American Deserts
    South American Deserts
  • Home is Where the Heart is
    Home is Where the Heart is
  • 4000 Year Old Rice Terraces
    4000 Year Old Rice Terraces
  • Beach Hotel in Southern Chile
    Beach Hotel in Southern Chile
  • Arches National Park
    Arches National Park
  • Churches around the World
    Churches around the World
  • Brazilian Landscapes
    Brazilian Landscapes
  • Art & Sculpture
    Art & Sculpture
  • Triangular buildings
    Triangular Architecture

Bicycling Photography's Earthly Photos

   Earthly Photos started with an adventurous ten-year bicycle journey, covering thirty-odd countries, while spanning four different continents, seeking a life-long dream of exploring the great unknowns. Most of these images are a photographic testimony of this wild, decade-long, bicycling expedition.

Volcano Parinacota in Bolivia
Sunrise in Yangzhou, China
Tierra del Fuego in the Patagonia
Friendly Bobo sunning in Costa Rica
Chinese Snow Leopard
Pelican pruning himself in Australia
Highland warrior in Papua New Guinea
Snake man Yangzhou, China
Papua New Guinea tribal warriors
1950 Chevrolet in the streets of Havana
Chilean boat docked in the Patagonia
Driving to the bank in Dunedin, New Zealand
Straw Flowers in New Zealand
Clinging to Volcano Villarica in Chile
Guatemalan Phalaenopsis Orchid
Headless Horseman of Puerto Montt Chile
Crossing the Mekong River in Thailand
Triangular corner in Puerto Montt, Chile

Other Photographic Sites by Bicycling Photography's Millard Farmer

Fire Truck World.com

   Fire Truck World features multiple detailed images of over one thousand vintage fire trucks, fire-fighting equipment, and an interesting collection of fire-fighting histories from all seven of our continents, except Antarctica.

Vintage Fire Trucks
China's Great Wall End to End

   A Photo-Journal of a mid-1980s, forbidden, solo journey on top of China's Great Wall, from End-to-End.  Includes 150 images of the Wall never photographed before, nor walked on in centuries.

China's Great Wall
Covered Bridges Photos.com

   Detailed images of hundreds of the nearly 800 historical wooden covered bridges still remaining in the USA, including history and GPS location.  Some of China's infamous "Rainbow" bridges as well.

Covered Bridges
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